Cardiff or Denia ?

Yesterday I went to Cardiff. Well if I had to choose where I have to live, if in Cardiff or in Denia, I will choose Denia, but only for one thing, THE WEATHER! Here it is summer and it is like winter in Denia! I don´t want to imagine what it´s like in winter here… 😦 But I have to say that Cardiff is bigger than Denia, I know that a lot of tourists visit our town, but I think that Cardiff is impressive! I love the houses that you can see here, they are totally different!! And, what about the shops? :0 Here you have a lot of shops to choose where I want to buy my clothes, the best is that they are all in the same street, and you don´t have to walk far.

The public transport here is so good, you have buses or trains at all times, but public transport in Denia doesn´t exist! Well, yes it exists but nobody uses it.

Whatever. Denia is my town, where I live and I love it, and it has also a lot of good things like, for example, the food there is fantastic!, it´s really hot, and you can go to the beach when you want! Finally, I would choose DENIA! 😀

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