Sandy and Danny met, and they fell in love in the summer time, but when the summer finished he went to his high school and, although she was supposed to move, her parents decided to stay this year in California where he was. The first day of high school she discovered that this school was the high school of Danny too, and they met again. He was very popular and cool, and he didn´t want anybody to know that he had fallen in love with her, so he was cooler to her, he wasn´t the guy who Sandy met in summer. All the musical they are having arguments, and all the story is about if they should be together or not.

Is Danny good for Sandy?

Is Sandy good for Danny?


In my opinion the musical was really good. All the actors have worked a lot in their dances, how to express their feelings and singing.

The clothes that they were wearing were really characteristic of the 5o´s , and it was as if you were in the 5o´s. The story was very beautiful, and emotional, and their songs were the best! All the people in the audience knew the songs so we were clapping, dancing and singing, it was really fun. In my opinion the best part of the musical was when the guys appeared shining and the car too.

The music was fantastic, and they made me laugh a lot ! 🙂

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One response to “GREASE!

  1. I wouldn’t have gone to see this, if you hadn’t been staying with us and that would have been a real shame. It was such a brilliant musical and I’m happy that you enjoyed it so much.

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