Hopes and expectations of London

I always imagine London to be a great place to go shopping and to see monuments. Well, I want to see Tower Bridge, for example, because it appears in a lot of films, and I want to say:  I HAVE BEEN THERE!! Some people say that Big Ben is incredible but other people say that it is not as incredible as most people say, so I want to see for myself. Some friends that went to London last summer said to me that I have to go to the Abercrombie shop, because it is very very big and impressive so I want to go there because I want to give them my opinion about the shop. Well I´m sure that it´ll be fantastic because I love this type of shop, like Hollister.

I know that London is not a place where you can live peacefully, because there are a lot of people and it´s a very noisy city, but I hope that London will impress me with her shops and restaurants and monuments.

Well, I want to take a lot of photos and show people that I have been there. I don´t want to buy a lot of things because I know that it´s very expensive but I want to go into all the shops and visit as many monuments as we can.

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