My trip to London

Yesterday me and my host family went to London. I had never seen London, so I was very nervous. We had to wake up at 5:00 a.m! It was horrible! and at 5:30 we left the house. We went by car, and it took three and a half hours to get to London. Gareth had to work in the most important internet building so Kath and I went to visit London. First we went to Tower Bridge , it was very beautiful, and very big, most of the people that were there were tourists taking photos, like us. Then we took the bus and we spent two hours seeing London by tour bus, we had a lot of things to see..! We were very lucky because the weather was fantastic, very sunny. We saw more things than I could have imagined. Then we decided to get off the bus at Marble Arch which was at the end of Oxford Street. We visited all the streets, Oxford Sreet where most of the teen shops were, then at 2:30 p.m we stopped to have lunch because we were very hungry!, in a Italian restaurant behind Regent Street, and we ate spaghetti carbonara. After lunch we went to Regent Street, and we went into the biggest toy store in the world: HAMLEYS, it was impressive, I had a lot of fun inside. Then I had to find Abercrombie & Fitch because my friends had told me that it was really cool, so we went there. And it was true, it was fantastic. After that  we went to Piccadilly Circus where all the adverts and Eros´statue were. We went to Leicester Square, because I wanted to see the M&M´s Store. It was quite nice, and full of people. Then we visited China Town, but I have to say that it was the least beautiful street. We went to Trafalgar Square and Whitehall to see Big Ben. It was really good, and I think that you have to see it in person, because you can know how it is in photos, on the internet etc, but in person it´s different.  It was great! 🙂 Then we went to Westminister Bridge to see the London Eye. We turned back to Whitehall. We took a taxi that brought us to Buckingham Palace, there, we took the Tour Bus and we stopped at Harrods and I bought a little bag. And this was our route in London. After this Gareth picked up us by car. We stopped at 10:30 p.m to have dinner, and after that we got back in the car and came home.

Really, I love London, it´s a great place to visit and there is only one city like this one, but also I think that there are too many people, the streets are full of people and you can´t walk.

We arrived home at 1:00 a.m. Today I woke up at 12:30!; we have had our English breakfast at 1:30!


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